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About us

We’ve been making it simple for Kiwi businesses since 2004. Big businesses, small businesses, businesses with vastly different payroll needs – more than 22,000 of them last time we checked, so we must be pretty good at it. Which we should be, because making payroll simple is all we do.

Group photo of Smartly employees

We help keep payroll accurate and help keep you compliant


We know that payroll is about more than just running a pay each week. It’s about taking care of your people. That’s why it’s so important it’s done right.

Our simple payroll software helps you stay on top of the latest legislation while accurately and automatically calculating pay and leave for your team.

We also offer the option of outsourcing your payroll information to our payroll processing experts to manage your payroll for you.

Kiwi-based payroll experts have got your back


The best payroll software on Earth (which is ours, by the way) is not much use if you’re not using it properly. That’s why we’ve also put together the best support team on Earth – based right here in New Zealand and totally dedicated to ensuring your payroll is sorted accurately and effortlessly every time. No question is too big or too small. Our team are here to help whenever you need us.

Kept secure by Datacom


We’re proudly owned by Datacom, New Zealand’s largest IT company. Smartly leverages Datacom’s strengths in legislative compliance, data security and software development to give our customers confidence that their payroll is accurate, secure and supported by one of the best IT businesses in New Zealand.

Hear from our CEO


"We’ve been talking to you our customers a lot about what we should be doing, so now it’s time to build that." – Melissa Cheals, CEO - Smartly. 

Man taking order on a tablet.

Our people


We’re a Kiwi-based team of 100 who take pride in hunting out the complex stuff and simplifying it. 

Smartly leaders

  • Melissa Cheals
    Melissa Cheals
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Brown
    Karen Brown
    Head of Operations
  • Michelle Moore
    Michelle Moore
    Head of Product
  • Sarah Garvin
    Sarah Garvin
    Head of Marketing and Growth
  • Tiong Tan
    Tiong Tan
    Head of Technology
  • Jonty Blundell
    Jonty Blundell
    Head of Sales and Services

We believe that, when you put your people first, everyone wins


Great employees and employee relationships are still the most valuable thing a business can have. Look after them, and success – however you measure it – gets way easier. Your people win, your customers win, you win.

There's a lot we can learn from penguins about running a business.


A little less like a business, a little more like a colony.

Our purpose


We make it simpler for Kiwi businesses to look after their people.

Our values

  • Listen
    To each other. To our customers. We put ourselves in the other penguin’s shoes and really understand what they need.
  • Be the solution
    Be the solution
    We love a challenge. Got our eyes on the goal. Own it. Tough is nothing. We’ve got this. Watch us go.
  • Simplify everything
    Simplify everything
    The way we communicate. The services we provide. Our customers’ lives. And the lives of everyone we work with.
  • Share knowledge
    Share knowledge
    Look for new ways. Try things. Learn and improve. Proudly help others learn and improve. We win together.
  • Enjoy the ride
    Enjoy the ride
    We work to make work fun. Celebrate successes, big and small. Share stories. Laugh. Optimism is contagious.

Careers at Smartly

We’ve got a dedicated career page, ready for people interested in joining our awesome team!

Smartly employee on a call