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Labour Costing

Smartly's labour costing feature lets you track employee hours and labour costs by different regions, departments and jobs depending on your business needs. Labour costing shouldn't be hard work. So we've made it easy!

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Labour costing
  • Simple labour costing set up
    Simple labour costing set up
    Easily define your costing structure with different departments and jobs to suit your business. Once set up, everything flows straight through to payroll.
  • Xero integration
    Xero integration
    Use Xero’s Tracking Categories feature to export hours and amounts related to departments or jobs. Assign departments or job hours and amounts to a defined account code using Xero’s Chart of Accounts.
  • Labour costing on the go
    Labour costing on the go
    Update hours and costs easily on the go. In the Smartly app, employees can select the department or job they worked in when submitting their timesheets, so it’s all in one place.

Feature breakdown – what you’ll get from our labour costing

Unique costing for departments and projects
Managers can draft, edit and submit costing entries
Allocate regular payments automatically
Track and report on project hours and costs
How it works
Smartly gives you the flexibility to set up your unique costing structure with departments and jobs to best suit you. Add new projects when they start, and amend or remove them when they change.
If you have busy people on the job and you need to quickly get some costing through for a pay run, this feature lets you do just that. Managers can draft, edit and submit timesheets by department or job on behalf of their team.
Do you have some employees that spend most of their time on the same job or department? Avoid manual allocations and create a home department where cost allocations can be set up to go to by default.
Run reports as often as you need to see a breakdown of how much money was spent across your business’s different departments and jobs. The report can easily be exported and breaks each payment down to give you everything you need to know about your labour costs.

How Labour Costing Works

All it takes is four simple steps:

1. Your team uses their Smartly app to add their hours by project

2. You review, approve and run the pay

3. Payments and leave calculations are accurate and automatic

4. Report on hours and labour costs by project

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Labour costing

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