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Automated payments

Save time and remain compliant with automated payroll payments. Automate your payroll calculations, payday filing, PAYE payments, employee payments and more. Too easy!

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Smart automation sorts payments for you


Feature breakdown – how automated payments can benefit your business

Never worry about missing a payroll payment again
Remove the risk of human error
Stay compliant
Save time and take the stress out of payday
How it works
Smartly connects directly with your business bank account, so once you've processed your payroll we'll automatically make all the payments for you. This includes payments to your employees, IRD and KiwiSaver - we'll even make any deductions like student loan repayments, court fines or child support.
Automated calculations and payments removes the risk of human error so you can be confident that your employees are being paid accurately every pay run.
Remaining compliant involves keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations. With automated payments and calculations your employees pay information is kept up to date with the latest legislation changes as they happen so you don't have to worry.
Remove any last-minute payroll panic and reduce the amount of time you spend on manual payroll tasks by automating your payroll payments. Giving you more time for your business.
It used to take me 6 hours to run a payroll. Now it takes me 20 minutes.

Christine Delaney - Bella Vita Hairdressing


Plus, your payroll can get even simpler!

Set and forget payments

If you have employees who are on standard hours and earn the same amount each pay run, take advantage of our set-and-forget functionality and set up your pay runs to process automatically on your chosen payment date. Plus, we’ll sort your payments to the IRD, Kiwisaver and more!

One-touch payroll payments

Prefill your payroll with a single click! If you have staff who work the same hours every pay period but want the option to double-check and easily edit employees’ hours before your pay is run, our one touch pay option is for you.

How does Smartly work for your industry?

  • Retail
    Smartly makes payroll simple for retailers. Automate staff payments, PAYE, and payday filing. Learn more
  • Hospitality
    Hospitality payroll can be complex with part-timers, full-timers and contractors. Find out how Smartly makes it easy. Learn more
  • Professional services
    Track hours by job and automate staff payments in Smartly Payroll. Professional services, sorted. Learn more

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