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Let Smartly do your payroll for you

Outsource your payroll to Smartly's team of experts. We'll work directly with you, and whatever systems you currently use to tailor your payroll to best suit your business. We'll be there every step of the way to help make sure your payroll is compliant and up to date. We eat, sleep and breathe payroll, so we'll make sure it's done right.

Plus, you'll still get access to all the best Smartly features like automated payments, Xero integration, timesheets, the employee app and more!

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We'll run your payroll Smartly

  • Feel confident you're complaint
    Feel confident you're compliant
    We know all the up-to-date payroll legislation, so we'll help make sure your payroll is done right.
  • Get a dedicated account manager
    Get a dedicated account manager
    Got payroll questions? Your account manager is just a call or email away.
  • Lose the admin, keep the control
    Lose the admin, keep the control
    Hand all your complex, time consuming payroll tasks over to us. We'll do all the admin, but you'll always have the final say.

Say goodbye to complex, time consuming payroll tasks

When you sign up for Smartly's Managed Payroll Service, we will manage your payroll for you, allowing you to focus on your business. We know all the up-to-date employment legislation, so we'll make sure your payroll is always accurate, on time and compliant, and you can feel confident that your payroll is in good hands. 

We'll work with your current system of collecting time, leave and employee data. Simply send everything through, and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you ever have any questions, your dedicated account manager is only a call or email away. How good?

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Benefits of Managed Payroll Service

Payroll tailored to your business needs
Leave the compliance to us
Access to a payroll account manager
Say goodbye to payroll admin
Keep your existing systems and processes
Stay in control
Payday filing and PAYE sorted
Access to all things Smartly
How it works
Your account manager will get to know you and your business so that your payroll is tailored to best suit your needs and requirements.
Our payroll account managers know all the up-to-date payroll legislation, so they'll make sure your payroll is compliant.
If you ever have payroll questions, your dedicated account manager is just a call or email away.
We'll take care of all your payroll admin tasks, such as adding new employees, allowances, deductions, child support payments and terminations.
Whatever your current system is for collecting time, leave, and other payroll data, simply send it through, and we'll do the rest!
We'll enter the data and double check it for you, but you'll still have the final say before any payments are processed.
Once we receive your final approval, we'll get all your payments sorted on time and accurately. 
We'll be using Smartly to run your pay, so you get access to all the best Smartly features like Xero integration, timesheets, labour costing, the employee app and more. Use what you need, leave what you don't.

More power to your people

With the Smartly app, your team can easily access all their payroll information using their own log in. Employees can view their payslips, see their next pay day, and apply for leave at the tip of their fingers.

Smartly app
  • Automatic payments
    Automatic payments
    We can automatically make your payments to your employees, IRD, Kiwisaver and more, or send you the bank file to upload to your bank. Easy as!
  • Payroll administration
    Payroll administration
    We do all the calculations and preparation for your payroll including administration tasks such as adding new employees, allowances, deductions, child support payments and terminations. How good?
  • Payday filing
    Payday filing
    Payroll information for you and your employees is automatically sent to IRD so you never have to worry about IRD penalties. Phew!
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    Rated #1 for customer support
    Our customer support has been rated highest amongst NZ payroll providers.
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    Never worry about IRD again
    Everything is automatically sorted for you, on time and in-line with legislation.
  • ISO certification
    Safe and incredibly secure data
    We’re certified against ISO27001, because we know security is extremely important to you.
  • Xero logo
    See your payroll data in Xero
    Securely transfer your key information straight from Smartly to Xero.


How is Smartly’s Managed Payroll Service different from Smartly’s DIY Payroll Plan?

Whichever plan you choose, you’ll have access to Smartly’s full range of features including the employee app, timesheets, costing, Xero integration, automated payments and more.

The difference is, when you choose DIY Payroll, you’re responsible for entering all of your payroll data into Smartly's simple software and checking that it’s correct.

When you choose Managed Payroll, your dedicated account manager will take care of this for you. They will work with you, and whatever systems you’re currently using, to make sure your data is entered correctly and payments are made on time. They will also take on any additional payroll administration tasks, such as adding new employees, allowances, deductions, child support payments and terminations – all while ensuring compliance with current New Zealand employment legislation. 

How do I know if managed payroll is right for my business?

If you’re not confident in payroll compliance and legislation, there have been mistakes made in your payroll, or you’re struggling to find a qualified person to manage your payroll, it might be time to consider handing your payroll over the experts at Smartly.

Learn more  about how to choose between in-house and outsourced payroll over on our blog.

What is managed payroll or outsourced payroll?

Fully managed (also called outsourced) payroll means that a service provider takes care of all the complicated payroll admin for you, runs payroll checks, manages PAYE and other deductions, and submits the bank files accurately and on time.

Is managed payroll cost effective?

Many managed payroll providers aim to provide value to larger businesses (200+ employees). Smartly’s Managed Payroll Service has been set up especially for small to medium kiwi businesses to help you save time and headaches when it comes to payroll.  

To decide if managed payroll is cost effective for your business you’ll need to consider resource costs (software fees and staff wages), hidden costs (fees, interest and loss of employee trust as a result of payroll errors) and opportunity costs (what could your people be doing if they weren’t knee deep in payroll admin?).  

We'd be happy to talk with you about whether managed payroll is the right choice for your business or if there are other efficiencies that could solve your payroll problems, contact us today. 

Still have questions?

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