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Leave management

Managing your team’s leave has never been easier. With Smartly, employees can view their leave balances, future balances and put in leave requests on their app. Managers can view requests, edit, approve or decline leave in their app. And it all flows through to payroll. The simple way to sort your payroll.

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Leave management made easy

  • Accurate and compliant leave calculations
    Accurate and compliant leave calculations
    We use smart tech to take care of all the complex calculations, meaning your employees leave entitlements remain accurate even when their work patterns change.
  • Request and approve leave from the app
    Request and approve leave from the app
    More power to your people with Smartly’s employee app. Leave sorted on the run, approved on the run and sent straight through to payroll. Quick and easy.
  • Leave calendar
    Leave calendar
    See who's on leave, who's planning leave and when, all from an easy calendar view. Plus, it's simple for payroll admins and line managers to sort their team's leave.

Feature breakdown – what you’ll get from our leave management feature

View future leave balances
Managers can submit and edit leave requests on behalf of employees
Leave in weeks
Leave notifications
Regional leave
Special leave
Edit and approve leave on the go
How it works
Leave tracking made simple. You and your employees can see at a glance what their current leave balance is, what they'll have accrued by the time their leave request rolls around, and what they'll have left when they return.
Get your employees' leave sorted on their behalf. If an employee can't enter their leave for any reason, their manager can jump in and sort it for them.
To help employers clearly show their payroll is compliant with the Holidays Act 2003, Smartly calculates annual leave in units of weeks.
Managers receive a notification whenever an employee applies for leave, and employees will be notified when their leave has been approved or declined.
Regional anniversary days are automatically added to your payroll. Choose the relevant regional anniversary days for your employees and it'll be automatically added to their pay when the anniversary rolls around.
In Smartly you can easily set up special leave types for your employees. These include; birthday leave, study leave, gardening leave, wellbeing leave and more.
Managers can easily add and edit leave for their employees from anywhere with the Smartly app.

Booking leave is simple with Smartly

Once an employee has entered the dates of their leave, they'll be able to see their future leave balance - giving them an idea of whether they'll have enough leave to submit this request. When they've submitted it'll go straight through to their manager to approve. Too easy!

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The benefits of leave management

A leave management system like Smartly can reduce the amount of time you spend manually entering in leave, and keeping track of your employees leave entitlements. Check out our blog to see how valuable a software with a leave management system could be for your business.

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How does Smartly work for your industry?

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  • Hospitality
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  • Professional services
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